Mac Catalina and MyMemories Suite

Please read before you upgrade to Catalina

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Attention Please:

Customers who upgrade will NOT be able to use the installer files to install kits and templates into MyMemories Suite at this time. Shenom(MM Tech Guru) is working fast and furiously to get the installer compatible with Catalina – but I have to warn my MAC customers. You should not upgrade to Catalina if you regularly install MM products into the software (until the issue is fixed).

If you have already upgraded to Catalina – then you will need to download kits as “General” and then access the backgrounds and embellishments as outside content. Unfortunately, that makes using all templates (album templates, photobook templates, calendars, etc.) problematic…

Check Back For Updates

I will update you all as soon I hear when the problem has been fixed.  I know it is not just MyMemories that is having this issue. Other software companies are facing the same issue. It really reminds me of when Microsoft updated to XP and everyone’s software broke.  They fixed it and I loved XP, so hopefully it will be a short wait and you will love your new OS too. 🙂



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