Rescue Me

We love our animals. The are not thoroughbreds, worth hundreds of dollars. They are all mixed and they are all part of our family. Bo is Bloodhound/Great Dane and acts like a lap dog. Our Molly is a chihuahua mix and Penny is a Chi-weenie. We also have a cat named Lily who’s mama was a stray. They all have their own unique personalities and faults. They are all perfect and we could not imagine life without them. Bo was at a local shelter and we had no intention of getting such a big dog. When I walked up to his cage he stood up to greet me. Those big brown eyes told me he had a lot of love to give and I was right. They were going to euthanize him and we just could not leave him. We are so glad we took him home. He is a big, klutzy boy who loves to play and gives lots of love. We would have missed out on all he has to offer if we did not take the chance and give him a home. Rescue dogs made wonderful pets and I wish we could rescue them all. My Rescue Me kit is all about saving the lives of animals that would other be euthanized or left to fend for themselves, or die.

Rescue Me Combo Pack

Digital Papers: 30
Page Elements: 78
Monograms Characters: 39



Digital Papers: 41
Page Elements: 112
Monograms Characters: 78


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